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Milwaukee Bucks claim losing is part of strategy, ‘we’ve got em’ right where we want em’

UPDATE: The Milwaukee Bucks successfully pulled off their mission to miss the championship, despite once again having the best record in all the NBA during the regular season and Giannis attaining both Defensive Player of the Year and MVP honors.

The NBA playoffs have finally begun inside the bubble and after a lackluster start during the seeding games the number one overall seeded Milwaukee Bucks came roaring back to… lose to the eighth seed Orlando Magic?

I get it, Orlando is basically right at home down there in Florida and they aren’t scrubs. They have a team of tough guys looking to prove a point (plus you should never count out the underdog in weird times such as these). As a rational, calm fan I must ask…WHAT IN THE ***K IS GOING ON, YOU CRACK DEALING LOWLIFES?

Apparently exactly what the Bucks have planned. At least according to Bucks’s number 22 Khris Middleton that is.

“Yeah I didn’t play well, which is a good thing. For a minute there I thought I might go off and start dropping bombs. Luckily I didn’t do that and we lost despite Giannis losing control and having a great game,” Middleton said.

These words were shocking the first time I read them. Honestly, yeah, they still are. However I am slowly understanding the more I hear from the team. Number six Eric Bledsoe says basketball is much more a mind game than it is a physical one.

“People think basketball is about how athletic you are. About how in shape you are, how much you practice, or how talented you are. That’s not true. It’s more like chess.”

There is definitely a mental component to all sports, but physicality has to play a part still. Well, not so much what’s important right now apparently.

“You gotta psych your opponent out by looking terrible. You gotta be like Einstein up in here. Well, like an Einstein who wasn’t attracted to his cousin, because that sh*t is weird,” Bledsoe explained.

Now you might be thinking that because last year’s regular season MVP (and this season’s MVP favorite) Giannis Antetokounmpo played very well that he disagrees with this line of thinking. After all, he nearly achieved a triple double! Maybe you’re thinking him and his teammates aren’t on the same page. Nope.

“We gotta keep losing to build up their confidence. They have to think they can beat us to a pulp and that we’re mentally weak. I didn’t do may part today as I got caught up and put up some good numbers, but luckily my boys came through and got us that L,” said Giannis excitedly before chugging some champagne as his team danced in the background (to Queen’s classic “Another One Bites The Dust” no less).

Surely, the coach wouldn’t agree with any of this nonsense? I’ll let coach Mike Budenholzee speak for himself,

“We’ve got em’ right where we want em’. We blew this game so that we can beat them later. We’ll blow the next one, too. Heck, we may blow this whole entire series if we have to. Whatever it takes to win that chip! Championship or bust, one of these years, ya know?”

Budenholzee then screamed into the night like the proud leader of a dominant Wolfpack.

Well…you definitely have to admit it’s a bold strategy.

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