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Truculent Tikes

Terrible therapists tempt temperamental tyro’s tenfold, tweaking tentative thresholds. Typically, thawing troubling turmoil takes time. 

Trying to text three turbulent twerps typing trashy transcripts tarnishes today. Tomorrow, thrack tacky, trite tattling together. 

Taboo trios tabulate transcendental talismans, thriftily taunting truce. Their tongues tremble tackling tiny topics.

Tinkerers tumble thinkers, touching tangy tempers. Tastefully tackle tumors timbering tameness.

Thorny travelers tirelessly trample thirsty trees. Tutoring theives treats tonight’s thrivers, trapping trending tweets.

Thoughtful tutelage trains tikes to trust tact. Tenderly transform troublemakers, tricksters, trolls thoroughly.

Take the theoretically therapeutic trundle towards turning taciturn. Typify truism through tenacious tandems, trouncing touchy tirades.

Truculent tactics teach transgression. Trek the thick thunderous trenches, track thumping tigers, tough trampolining tics.

Travesties tucker teething toddlers, teens too. Tobacco transactions trigger terminal translucent tornadoes, tanking tidy teams tearfully.

This thesis transverses tea talk, trading terroristic threat trajectories. These themes trace transferred tragedies tellingly.

Tubular talents teleport tots. Tremendous thrills tune time.

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