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Wednesday Waltz

Without Wednesday’s we’d weather working worse. Weeks would woefully wear workers’ wonder.

Whenever whiners worry wizarding workplaces, weaklings wane. Whack wonky waywards willingly, wear well-suited waistcoats, wigs, watches winningly.

Wanton websites wax wickedness; wagging wry witticisms, wildly wooing weirdos. Winking wunderkinds wrangle winning wholly. 

Wetched wrongs wring woebegone workspaces. Witches weasel wrathfully, wounding withdrawn wallflowers.

When windy weekend’s won’t wow, wildcard Wednesday’s wake willpower. Waking Wednesdays whets whimsical whims, waylaying wonderfulness. 

Wimpy wages wreck well-regarded welders, waitstaff, warehouse workers; wrongfully withdrawing waistlines, wiping white weddings, weeding whippersnappers’ wallets.

Wealthy whales whoop wanderlust, withholding wholesome worldviews. We wildflowers weren’t worthless whatsoever. 

Wilting window washers wrestle welfare whiplash. Weary workhorses waddle Wednesday Waltzes.

Woodsman who whiff well-mannered wildlife wardens walk westward, weaponizing workplace woes. Whistling water washes weighty worries, worthy writers whisper wisely.

Wordiness worsens worldly wonders, where winter Wednesdays wait. Winsome, well-spoken worshippers welcome weeping widows’ wishes. 

Whilst well-made whirlwinds whip, warp, wallop; Wednesdays warm. Why want wacky workdays? Well, we’re worthwhile.

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