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“A Quiet Place 2” Returns To #1 As “In The Heights” Stumbles At The Box Office

In an upset that nobody saw coming, A Quiet Place Part II returned to the top of the U.S. box office. It brought in a really solid third weekend of $11.6M, and in the process became the first movie to make $100M in 16 months (since Sonic The Hedgehog did so in February of 2020). The sequel currently has $109M through weekend three, and appears on track to keep on chugging along to at least $130M and maybe as high as $150M, if it continues to hold up this well.

The bad news this weekend is that In The Heights took in $11.4M, which is a “fine, all things considered” or “hey, it’s a mostly defendable opening” type of gross. The Jon M. Chu directed flick was pegged to open to AT LEAST $20M, and I was personally hoping for more and even thought the film could have been a true breakout with something around $30M. Oops. Clearly, the plot light musical wasn’t as immediately appealing to folks as we thought.

Another obvious factor is the HBO Max of it all. With an original movie that people may have been unsure about, they may have been just as happy to check it out on the steaming service as to go to a theater. The movies that have thrived on both, such as Godzilla Vs. Kong and The Conjuring 3, have been parts of franchises that people are already used to seeing on the big screen.

The debut of a big sequel to movies you’re used to seeing with a crowd in the cinema makes seeing the new one the same way more essential. Plus, In The Heights is certainly no Hamilton, and just last year people got to see that on Disney+ for no extra fee. Maybe some folks just didn’t see how this was a must see on the big screen, which is too bad because it rocks in theaters. Still, hard to call this one a failure when it may yet have great legs (however these HBO Max simultaneous releases drop hard on weekend 2).

Either way, the people who ARE checking it out are digging it, as it pulled in an A CinemaScore and fantastic reviews with a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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