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F9 Rockets To $93M In First Week, Looks To Stay On Top Over Holiday Weekend

After a really solid and pandemic best $70M launch last weekend, F9: The Fast Saga had some decent holds on the weekdays and ended up with $93M. This means the movie will fly past Godzilla vs Kong ($100.5M) this weekend and more than likely end up around $120M domestic by Sunday.

The weekdays weren’t amazing, as on Tuesday when most movies tick up from Monday F9 didn’t, but it still made $4.9M on Thursday, despite new movies like The Forever Purge and Zola being out now. The Boss Baby 2: Family Business opened today as (and also on Peacock). None of these should make too much of a challenge for F9 this weekend, which should pull in between $25M and $30M.

The biggest competitor should be Boss Baby 2, which I hope makes in the $15M range at least, but could easily get to $20M+ since the original flick earned $50.2M on opening weekend and finished with $175M domestic. That’s not remotely in the cards for the sequel, but still, kids wanna see movies too and it’s a holiday weekend. It should do well.

However, I wouldn’t be surprised to see The Forever Purge get off to a nice start and end up with $20M+ this weekend, even if it’s looking more like somewhere around $10M right now due to social media trends and hype levels.

Still, The Purge franchise has been successful specifically because of strong opening weekends. The original opened with $34M, Anarchy debuted with $29.8M, Election Year had $31.5M in 3-days and even The First Purge made $31.2M over its five day opening weekend (it opened on July 4th, 2018, a Wednesday). I also think that not having had a Purge movie in three years will help, in conjunction with a new hook (the purge is just life now). We’ll see what it can do.

Otherwise expect A Quiet Place 2 to be fourth with a decent hold yet again and for other movies to slip a bit due to competition.

It’s exciting to have so much to talk about with new movies in theaters again!

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