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ADDAMS FAMILY 2 Has Best Family Opening Of Pandemic, MANY SAINTS OF NEWARK Gets Curb Stomped (Box Office)

Updated with box office actuals Monday, October 4th.

The Addams Family 2 debuted with $17.3M million, which is higher than the ~$15M most were expecting yesterday. This is actually a decent result for the film considering it is available to rent simultaneous to its theatrical run. Being available for $19.99 right at home surely syphoned off a lot of the grosses, which is why nobody should have expected it to come close to the previous film’s $30.3M opening. Honestly, even in “normal” times, with an exclusive release this film probably would have opened lower than the first, due to mixed word of mouth.

The 2019 family film earned a 45% on Rotten Tomatoes from critics and 69% from audiences. Adults make the decision to take their kids/families to the movies, and they won’t show up to things just any film regardless of quality. The first isn’t a bad movie, but the curiosity factor of an animated Addams Family film was satisfied two years ago. MGM gave anyone who didn’t want to take their kids to this flick an easy out, as the kids could watch it at home on their own, or the parents could watch along while doing something else.

Even still, the $17.3M start represents the best opening for a film aimed squarely at families, topping the $16M opening of Boss Baby: Family Business. It’s truly a nice second place start behind Venom: Let There Be Carnage, which debuted with the biggest opening weekend of 2020 and 2021 (more on that here).

Fellow new release The Many Saints of Newark didn’t fare so well. The Sopranos prequel opened to a middling $4.6M, on the low end of expectations following its $2.1M Friday start. This means the fans of the show ran out to see the film early. This start isn’t all bad, it’s better than the $2.3M opening of Copshop (which you should check out, read why here) and it’s definitely better than the disastrous run of fellow HBO Max release Reminiscence, which opened with $1.9M and finished with a pathetic $3.9M. Heck, it’s even better than the $4.4M opening of Clint Eastwood’s Cry Macho (which also was available on HBO Max). An adult skewing mob flick wouldn’t have been a big hit today even in “normal” times, but it probably would have opened closer to $10-$15M.

The HBO Max of it all means this thing will be lucky to get to $15M TOTAL now. People already associate the Sopranos family with HBO, so the simultaneous release really hurts here. All the HBO Max releases experience a big second weekend drop, and with a C+ CinemaScore, expect this to follow suit. If people are curious to check it out, they’ll most likely do it at home. At least it’ll be a good addition to the HBO Max library alongside The Sopranos.

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