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Dexter: New Blood “Runaway” Spoiler Review

The following contains spoilers for Episode 5 of Dexter: New Blood which aired on Showtime December 5th.

This episode starts with Dexter confronting Harrison about the knife he found hidden away in his room. This doesn’t go well as Harrison feels interrogated with his innocence being put into question and leaves. A moment after he leaves, Zach and Scott arrive to pick him up to bring him to a party in his name for saving everyone’s lives.

Upon arriving there is a “kill list” on the door with everyone at the party being on the list. Harrison is fed ecstasy from a girl and tells him that he should let loose. He begins to walk around in a blurry state as the drugs and the alcohol take effect. There is a very telling moment when a girl who asks Harrison to carve an “H” on her shoe. He instead slices her calf with a knife. This tells me that he either is still thinking about what he did to Ethan or he thinks more like Dexter than we originally thought. After leaving the room he finds Scott in another room where is persuaded to taking another pill. Audrey finds Harrison and he is going on about how his dad doesn’t believe him and how he is the liar. Before passing out, he tells Audrey that “Jim Lindsay” isn’t even his real name. She calls the cops and Logan shows up to save Harrison. Logan is a minor character in the first few episodes, but plays a big role in this episode. He acts in Sheriff Angela’s place as she goes out of town after receiving information about Matt Caldwell checking in and out of a hotel and to attend a conference.

Dexter is called to the hospital and Logan tells him that his son needs some “tough love” and then they get in an argument about parenting. Deb in this episode is constantly telling Dexter that he is a bad parent and that Harrison is going to turn into a monster. Dexter, being the “great f****** dad” that he is, sets Harrison up for therapy as he seeks out Scott’s brother, the person who got drugs at the party, but Harrison has different plans and when Dexter leaves he packs his things to run away.

Dexter’s storyline in this episode takes a back seat to more interesting plot points and I’m okay with that because we’ve seen Dexter kill before and almost get caught time after time. Anyways, he finds Scott’s brother and is about to sedate him, but gets interrupted by Logan when the police come to arrest him. Dexter plays it off as a worried parent and only has to fill out some paperwork at the station. It is at the station where he finds out where Scott’s brother got the drugs and decides to peruse that drug dealer instead. Once again Dexter’s routine is interrupted by Logan when the police visit the drug dealer for an arrest. Dexter has to improvise again by forcing drugs down his nose and gets away just in time for the police to break in to find the drug dealer dead in a chair.

This episode confirms that the sniper killer is Kurt Caldwell. After the end of the last episode we see Kurt taking a girl to his bunker. We find out from the nice bartender that Kurt has a kill routine that is very weird and specific. The girl, Chloe, panics after figuring out that she has been locked up and tries to get out by luring Kurt into the room by showing her breasts on Kurt’s camera. This is not what Kurt is about and he tells her through the microphone on his laptop to stop. After she continues, he shuts the laptop and makes his way to the room with his gear on. It is clear that after he shoots her that this torture wasn’t to fulfill any of his sexual fantasies, but it is more of a game of shooting someone fearful and running for their lives. Truly evil.

Later that evening, Kurt sees Harrison walking down a road by the diner and invites him in for last dinner before he leaves. Harrison obliges and has dinner with Kurt. Kurt questions Harrison about how he is going to survive without money and offers him a job at his diner. There’s a feeling that Harrison might be a potential victim of Kurt’s which would go against his MO of kidnapping women.

Angela teams up with Molly park to investigate where Matt Caldwell has been and to attend the conference with her and the guest speaker at the conference is Angel Batista from Miami Metro PD. After the conference, Angela talks to Angel at the bar and asks him for advice on how to find who is responsible for all the missing women in her town. He tells her that it reminds him of the Trinity killer case and how she reminded him of Debra Morgan. He then goes on to tell her about Dexter and how he died, but left behind a son named Harrison.

Later that evening, we see footage of a man checking out of the hotel and it is clearly not Matt Caldwell. Who is he? A friend of Kurt’s trying to cover something up? After getting all the information Angela arrives home to Audrey. Audrey tells her that Harrison said something weird before passing out. It was that Jim Lindsay wasn’t his real name. The episode ends with Angela finding Dexter Morgan’s obituary and printing it off.

Overall it was a good episode, but I was hoping Dexter and Harrison would talk about Dexter’s past and we would find a little bit more about how Harrison found Dexter. I loved seeing Angel Batista again and his appearance was a nice nod to the previous series. This episode did a good job of advancing the story without wasting any time.

Check back next week for my spoiler filled review of “Too Many Tuna Sandwiches” airing on Showtime December 12th. I’m excited to see what is going to happen when Angela confronts Dexter about his past and more about what Harrison is going to do moving forward.

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