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Dexter: New Blood “Too Many Tuna Sandwiches” Spoiler Review

The following contains spoilers for Episode 6 of Dexter: New Blood which aired on Showtime December 12th.

This episode begins with Angela pulling over Dexter and when he thinks its just a flirtatious bit that they do regularly, she asks him about Dexter Morgan, shows the obituary and asks him to come to the station. We all knew that eventually she would find out, but the way that it happened is hurtful. At the station, Angela breaks up with Dexter saying that she needed somebody she can trust. Dexter came clean… sort of. He came clean about being Dexter Morgan, but he does a good job of tiptoeing around why he left. The break up with Angela shows there are serious consequences to Dexter hiding his past and things are starting to catch up with him.

After the break up, Dexter is wondering who ratted him out or how Angela found out. He suspects that Molly Park might have something to do with Angela figuring out about who he really is. Dexter finds Molly talking to Kurt at his diner not knowing that she is investigating him because of his lie about Matt Caldwell being in the city hotel when it clearly wasn’t him. He tells Molly that Matt is at his bunker and offers her an interview with Matt for her podcast. She obliges and when they leave Dexter is close behind.

When they arrive at the bunker, Molly is very suspicious after Kurt closed the doors to the bunker and she takes out pepper spray from her purse. Kurt plays it up as if Matt is in the room and he just won’t come out. The tension builds until the door to the bunker opens with Dexter entering in to “check what was going on.” Dexter pushes Kurt to open the door and forces himself in the room where there is no Matt Caldwell. Dexter took notes of the door only locking from the outside which only proved his suspicions of Kurt.

Harrison and Dexter’s relationship has been pretty strained so far this season and this episode it continues to worsen. Due to the strained relationship with his dad, Harrison finds Kurt Caldwell as a father figure as Kurt offered him a job and was there at his first wrestling meet. In order to try to patch things up with Harrison, Dexter goes to the therapy session with him. This therapy session let’s Harrison talk about how he resented his dad for abandoning him and it’s through this that they find out that they both have abandonment issues.

We learn more about Harrison’s dark passenger as he reveals to Audrey that he constantly thinks about hurting people. They share a nice romantic moment when she tells him that it’s okay and she accepts him for who he is. Harrison’s dark passenger becomes more prevalent at his first wrestling meet. I expected that he would either get overpowered and take his anger out after losing or he would overpower his opponent and just wouldn’t stop, but I really didn’t expect him to break the guy’s arm. I am fearful that Harrison might be even worse than Dexter.

After figuring out that Kurt Caldwell tried to stop people from searching a site for Matt, Angela decides to investigate into the site. She finds a cave with an opening that is way to small for my liking and after squeezing through the small hole she finds a body. She is emotionally overwhelmed when she finds out that its her friend Iris that went missing long ago. She calls Dexter and when he answers, “Jim Lindsay” she tells him that she doesn’t need Jim, she needs Dexter Morgan. That line gave me chills and had me fist bumping the air.

I really enjoyed this episode because after last week, Dexter takes a more prominent role and we see him act as a hero when he interrupts Kurt and Molly. I liked that Angela found out about Dexter and she is starting to shed light on her past. Did Kurt have something to do with Iris’ disappearance? Will Dexter tell Harrison about his dark passenger? Will Angela and Dexter get back together? We’ll have to find out more next week.

Check back next week for my spoiler filled review of “Skin of Her Teeth” airing on Showtime December 19th. I can’t wait to see Dexter trying to figure out what happened to Iris and if Kurt has another attempt at capturing someone.

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