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Dexter: New Blood “Skin of Her Teeth” Spoiler Review

The following contains spoilers for Episode 7 of Dexter New Blood which aired on Showtime December 19th.

We start out this episode with Dexter (not Jim Lindsay) helping Angela find out what happened to Iris. It’s a great way to start the episode because it takes us back to Dexter being a forensic analyst and once again having an opportunity to be the hero and catch the bad guy. Both of them have suspicions that Kurt Caldwell was the murderer and it is somewhat confirmed after DNA evidence shows that Kurt’s DNA was on Iris’ teeth. Angela goes to Iris’ family to tell them that they found her and it’s a heartbreaking moment.

The next day we see Dexter, who’s at Kurt’s Diner keeping a close eye on Harrison who’s on his first day at his new job. Kurt sits down with Dexter and he talks about how he thought he would really get along with Dexter and that he found a lot of similarities between them. They are interrupted by the police when they show up to arrest Kurt. Harrison really looks up to Kurt and he has to see him get arrested. Does Harrison still think Kurt is a good guy? Will he heed Dexter’s suspicions of Kurt?

During the interrogation, Kurt denies everything and it isn’t until Angela tells him that they have DNA evidence against him that he says the guilty person’s favorite quote, “I want to speak to my lawyer.” At this point, I thought to myself, “what could Kurt possibly say that is going to get him out of this?” While in jail, Dexter pays Kurt a visit to tell him to stay away from Harrison. Kurt chuckles and isn’t even phased by Dexter’s warning. He is very confident for someone who is in jail for a murder with hard evidence. I know that Kurt’s been on the good side of the town for a long time and I could see why he is confident he would get out, but I still seriously had my doubts.

After discussing with his lawyer, Kurt is ready to make a statement. He tells a story about how he had an abusive father growing up and that his parents split up and his mom left without him. He tells about how his dad was a trucker and brought him along on the road because it was “easier than a babysitter.” We see flashbacks of an event where Kurt as a child witnessed his dad being abusive to a woman in the back of his semi. The flashbacks I am taking as completely true, so I do believe this actually happened which is very sad. Kurt said that when he got older he went into the trucking business with his father. He goes on to say that Iris was walking along the road and his dad picked her up and tried to talk her out of leaving town. A fight ensues and she bit his dad’s hand and jumped out the front door. That is when Kurt’s dad pulled out a gun and shot her. We get a flashback which is retelling the same story but instead of his dad it was Kurt. This, to me, confirmed that the flashbacks were what actually happened.

Despite the hard evidence against Kurt, Angela is told that she has to let him go because there is enough of reasonable doubt to say that it was Kurt’s dad that killed Iris. Kurt being released leads to Dexter thinking that justice has failed him and that perhaps the only way to deal with this is to kill Kurt. Will we see Kurt on Dexter’s kill bed?

At the end of his work day, Harrison is given an envelope by a very familiar trucker (he was the man who was impersonating Matt Caldwell at the hotel.) He tells Harrison to give the envelope to his dad and as Dexter opens it a titanium medical screw drops out of it. This tells us that he knows that Dexter killed Matt Caldwell because the titanium screw is from Matt Caldwell’s leg from the boating accident. He learned from Kurt that “titanium doesn’t melt,” so Dexter didn’t completely hide his tracks. After knowing this, why didn’t Kurt just go to the police? Is there something else that he knows about Dexter?

There’s a moment where Harrison finds himself in a corner against some the opposing teammates from the wrestling meet who are looking for revenge. Right before we see Harrison slice and dice, Dexter grabs his hand and the bullies run away. Harrison confesses that he is messed up and that he has dark thoughts. This is when I thought we would finally get the talk about both of them having a dark passenger, but instead Harrison runs away and Dexter doesn’t really run after him. I think that’s where the show loses me. How long do we have to wait for Harrison to finally see the real Dexter? I think Harrison deserves to know the truth and maybe Dexter could help him channel his dark passenger. We get a shock at the very end when Dexter gets to his truck to leave, and is grabbed from behind by someone.

Overall episode 7 was good, but it stalled on some storylines and I thought someone would find out who the real Dexter is by this point in the season. Yeah, sure Angela knows his real name, but she doesn’t know the true Dexter with his dark passenger. The same questions that I had early on in the season, I thought would be answered by now. We’re getting to the end of the season and I feel like there isn’t too much more to find out. I am still very interested to see how the season ends.

Check back next week for my spoiler filled review of “Unfair Game” airing on Showtime December 26th. This is my last post before the Christmas holiday and I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays!

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