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Dexter: New Blood “Unfair Game” Spoiler Review

The following contains spoilers for Episode 8 of Dexter: New Blood which aired on Showtime December 26th.

We start this episode from where we left off in Skin of Her Teeth, Dexter being kidnapped by one of Kurt’s buddies that is bringing Dexter to Kurt for a sure death from a sniper. On the way, Dexter wakes up and escapes the kidnapper in a pretty action packed scene. He runs through the forest when the kidnapper pulls out a sniper and shoots Dexter in the leg. The chase between him and the kidnapper is great where Debra shows up more for Dexter to bounce ideas off of on how to lose his trail.

The other major storyline revolves around the relationship between Harrison and Kurt. Kurt again is showing his overly nice and kind side with Harrison. Clancy Brown does an amazing job as Kurt being manipulative and scary. Kurt takes Harrison to the batting cage in the school which is closed for the holiday break. This should have been a red flag but Kurt is so good at making Harrison think that everything is good. Kurt is able to get in because the locks hadn’t changed since he was the wrestling coach. Harrison is also easily manipulated because he has been wanting a father figure for years.

After Kurt teaches Harrison how to hit a fastball, he tells Harrison that the next few pitches are going to be curveballs, but without really teaching him how to hit a curveball. Kurt puts a ball in the pitching machine and the ball beams Harrison. This happens again and again showing how tough and resilient Harrison is. Kurt tells him how tough he is. After finding out that Harrison has never had venison, he invites Harrison to his cabin for dinner. Again, another red flag. Throughout this episode, I thought that maybe since Matt was gone and Kurt knew that, he was trying to replace Matt with Harrison. I thought Kurt being nice was genuine and that he was going to take Harrison away from Dexter.

As everything is happening with Dexter, Kurt and Harrison, Angela finds our more information about Dexter. She finds out that the drug dealers had a small hole in their necks where a needle had been put. Angela is very quickly catching up with the rest of us and time will only tell when she will discover Dexter’s secrets and arrest him.

Dexter is able to lead the kidnapper in a house where he takes control of him and gets him to the ground. The kidnapper tells him where Kurt is taking Harrison after being interrogated then proceeds to stab the knife through his heart. I think it’s a satisfying kill because of the great chase scene and Dexter hobbling along. Remember folks, he did take a bullet to the leg. I know there is no way this show would kill off Dexter but it almost seemed like it. Anyways, after he kills him he then drives to Kurt’s cabin.

Kurt and Harrison are sitting down at the table talking mostly about Kurt being a father and Harrison being a runaway. Harrison confesses to Kurt that he feels like he doesn’t have a connection with his father. After a nice moment where Kurt says, “If you were my son, I would have never left you,” Kurt leaves and then realizes that his buddy isn’t coming to the cabin with Dexter tied up. He dresses up in the familiar hunting attire and comes out with a sniper. Harrison is very caught off guard. Kurt tells him that he wished things would have went differently and then tells Harrison to run. As Kurt is aiming, Dexter drives up to Kurt and almost runs him over.

Kurt runs away in a somewhat comedic way where he almost prances into the woods like a deer. Dexter and Harrison embrace and as they are leaving Dexter FINALLY reveals to Harrison that he has a dark passenger and Harrison hugs him. Like really, really hugs him. It was a great moment and it was a long time coming.

I really enjoyed this episode even though it had very little scenes and it ended up being a tad shorter than the rest of the episodes. The scenes that were there showed us more about the characters. I am very interested what will happen in the final 2 episodes because in the sneak preview, we see Kurt arriving to Dexter’s house and playing it off like nothing happened. Also, when will Angela catch on to Dexter and what will she do?

Check back next week for my spoiler filled review of The Family Business airing on Showtime January 2nd. This is my last post for 2021 and I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy 2022!

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