About WSYS

Welcome to We See You Scrolling. Our goal is to provide entertainment content that is “fun, fresh, and…funky?” Maybe not funky. Fabulous? No. We’ll come back to that third one. Our goal is to make your day a little better. From satire to honest-to-goodness conversations about things that entertain us, we’re here to serve you in whatever way pleases you. My editor is telling me that could be taken wrong, I don’t see how.

As we grow, we’re hoping to host several podcasts and video content (such as sketches and parodies) in addition to our writing of satiric articles and interesting short stories. We might be weird and nerdy, but at least we’re only occasionally a**holes.

Soon we’ll have narrative comedy podcasts voiced by talented actors in addition to our main “We See You Scrolling” podcast, which will function largely like a morning show. We hope you enjoy your time here and encourage you to join (or start!) the conversation by commenting, sharing, and submitting questions via our “contact” page. The adventure has begun! Keep it funky. Wait no, we can’t end on that. “To Infinity and Beyond!”