Wednesday Waltz

Without Wednesday’s we’d weather working worse. Weeks would woefully wear workers’ wonder. Whenever whiners worry wizarding workplaces, weaklings wane. Whack wonky waywards willingly, wear well-suited waistcoats, wigs, watches winningly. Wanton […]

Truculent Tikes

Terrible therapists tempt temperamental tyro’s tenfold, tweaking tentative thresholds. Typically, thawing troubling turmoil takes time.  Trying to text three turbulent twerps typing trashy transcripts tarnishes today. Tomorrow, thrack tacky, trite […]

Trump tweets record 20,000 times in 24 hours

Well, it’s finally happened. President Donald J. Trump has officially shattered his own record for tweets in a single day! He hit 21,799 tweets yesterday ALONE. His previous daily record […]

Coronavirus Caused By Aliens, So Say Idiots

We live in strange times. People are stock piling toilet paper. March Madness was cancelled. I have this rash that I’m afraid to tell my roommates about. It’s probably contagious, […]