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Billie Eilish Records New Album, Reveals NyQuil As Secret To Her Success

What started as a mild headache, ended with a catchy new album from the kindergartner- I mean teen sensation, Billie Eilish. If you aren’t a teenage girl or subscribed to the YouTube channel “Millennial Mayhem,” I’ll catch you up. Billie is an American singer, songwriter and apparently director. Let’s not get carried away, if I was a super famous young lady with tons of money, I’d direct well too.

Her previous album was recorded while Billie was recovering from a cold, when she couldn’t help herself from creating masterpiece after masterpiece. She believed it was all thanks to NyQuil, and now refuses to produce, perform, or talk about her music without chugging a bottle first. 

It was rumored that she drank excessive amounts of NyQuil for inspiration on “Afraid To Be Woke.” Apparently DayQuil is a *barely* passable substitute in case of emergencies, while someone from her team runs to acquire more of that sweet nighttime elixir.

“The songs just kept coming and coming. My brain wasn’t fully developed enough to store all of my ideas. So, I compromised and took things into my own hands,” Eilish stated about the rumors.

Fans poured out nothing but love for the young star on Twitter. 

“@Eilishbish I love you so much! I can’t wait to hear it! #WOKE #NyQuilAlbum” tweeted by @dopealicious13.

I got an exclusive early copy of her new album “Afraid to be Woke,” set to release in the Summer of 2020. 

The opening track, “Hide” sets a dark and mysterious tone for the rest of the album. DJ REM was brought on to make the instrumentals, and he did not disappoint.

“Worse Guy,” the much anticipated sequel to “Bad Guy,” is an even catchier hit. Billie sounded even more groggy, and you can tell she put most of her effort on this one (I think it might be about a breakup).

“The Notebook Made Me Cry” is a song that we can all relate to, for obvious reasons.

“That one came out of me easy, because I was using NyQuil Severe when I was working on it. Severe is used on rare occasions as it really gets me going,” claimed Eilish.

Ryan Gosling, who was featured in the song, had this to say, “From the moment I stepped in the recording studio with Billie, I knew she was very talented. She just kept drinking NyQuil bottle after NyQuil bottle and it never even phased her. Billie’s vocal warm ups reminded me of a witch that was about to cast a spell on someone which is similar to my acting warm ups. I admire that, and I hope someday we are in a film together. I’d like to play her grandpa. A grandpa who is too fit for his own good.” 

With the first minute of “scary monster under my bed” completely silent, it’s no wonder why the song goes over 7 minutes. It’s one I would call a slow burner, but it creepily pulls you in, and Rebel Wilson really brings the monster to life. 

What really puts this album above and beyond is “The Real Billie Eilish” which features Oscar winner Eminem. I don’t know what compelled Eminem to do this feature. Maybe it’s because Billie agreed to record in Detroit and perform at his daughter’s next birthday. 

Both of their music styles perfectly blend to form what I believe will be a Billboard top 100 song and surely will be played on the radio enough that it will be in your nightmares. I can’t wait for the public to hear this fantastic album, 4 out of 5 sleepy stars. Overall an edgier and darker album than “When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”

Additionally, Billie Eilish can now be seen as NyQuil’s new spokeswoman in ads airing exclusively on the Fast and Furious streaming service, Fast Universe+.

The track list from her new cover is below:

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