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Dexter: New Blood “H is for Hero” Spoiler Review

The following contains spoilers for Episode 4 of Dexter: New Blood which aired on Showtime on November 28th.

The fourth episode of the season started out as normal as it could be. Dexter is trying to evade any suspicion that he was the one who killed Matt Caldwell. Sheriff Bishop reveals that Iris is her high school best friend that went missing which gives her motivation for why she became a cop. We also find out that Harrison is doing well in school and has made a friend in Ethan who is an outcast.

The episode takes a turn for the worse when Dexter is called to Harrison’s high school for a dangerous incident. We find out that Ethan had a plan for a school shooting, but Harrison stopped it by stabbing him. The town thinks that Harrison is the hero, but Dexter has his suspicions. It was amazing to see the old Dexter evaluating the evidence with Harrison and it was interesting because it had been so long since Dexter had been working on a crime scene. Could Harrison really be setting up a crime and making himself look like the hero or is Dexter (and us) completely overthinking it?

Debra got more screen time which allowed her to give more emotion which was lacking in previous episodes. Debra was always there to represent Dexter’s past but she was also there to be Dexter’s pessimistic side which plays out in a great scene where they are arguing back and forth about how Harrison could have faked the crime scene. There’s an interesting dynamic between Debra and Dexter when she reminds him that he always wanted to be the hero and he’s just jealous that Harrison turned out to be heroic instead of dangerous like his father.

I love this episode because we get to see more layers to the characters and it answers questions I’ve had since the first episode. It also asks an important question, “Does Harrison have a Dark Passenger?” I always had my doubts when it came to Hannah dying of Cancer. There’s no particular reason, just an intuition. There’s a scene where Harrison is sitting in a gym by himself listening to podcaster, Molly Park, played by Jamie Chung, talking about his biological mother’s murder case and we see a picture of Arthur Mitchell – The Trinity Killer.

We also get a potential lead into the underlying villain throughout the first half of the season. Kurt Caldwell has been seen simply as a father missing his son up until this fourth episode. His character becomes more questionable as he tells Sheriff Bishop that he’s heard from his son Matt when we know this isn’t possible. This continues when he has a conversation with Dexter in which he suggests he’s not that great of a person himself. The episode ends with Kurt driving a young woman to a place we’ve seen before – the bunker in the woods where we had witnessed a murder in the previous episode.

How many people in the seemingly quiet town of Iron Lake are connected to the string of missing women?

Tune in for the next episode on Sunday December 5th, Runaway. I’m excited to see if we find out how Harrison found Dexter and maybe what happened to Hannah.

Make sure to check in next week for another spoiler review!

Tristyn Ellingson contributed to this article.

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